About us

About company

DEOM (Digital Electronic Optical Measurements) company focus on dimension measurement solutions. We offer precise optical measuring machines, effective measuring using fixtures, and courses for operators. We provide quality after-sale service.

Our goal is satisfied customer and we appreciate any feedback or suggestions from you as our customers. We do our best to follow it to increase level of our services.

Company history

Comapny DEOM was founded in 1994 and since beginning focused on industrial measuring. Since then we became head supplier of optical and multisensor measuring machines.

In 2007 we became exclusive re-seller of Micro-Vu measuring machines for Czech and Slovak Republics. This American company makes wide range of multisensor measuring machines.

Since 2013 we offer measuring scanners produced by korean company Solutionix. We also offer portable touch photogrammetric measuring machines made by Norwegian comapany Metronor.

Demonstration center

Visit our new demonstration center in Prague. We have prepared measuring machines and you can try to measure your components. During measuring of your components you can see advantages and disadvantages of all measuring methods and pick machine that would suit your needs best.


vertex 251 excel 501 sol mereni vertex
vertex 311 Stánek měřící přístroje DEOM Solutionix CS+