3D measure scanners Solutionix

Machines for simple and fast creation of 3D model of measured part - CAD model. 3D scanners are fully automatic and very simple to operate. Software Geomagic allows comparison to ideal shape and display deviations in colored map or in a table. You can also create model of a part without knowledge of CAD data. It's call reverse engineering and it's ideal for copy production of original parts.


Rexcan CS+

Automatic, simple to operate, 3D scanner equipped with automatic table for positioning and rotation.


Rexcan DS2

For small parts, dental tools, jewelry, ...


Rexcan 4

Modern, top-end 3D scanner for high accurate scanning.


Reverse engeneering

Geomagic Studio - software for creation of a model from 3D object.



Geomagic Control for metrology - comparison to the model...