Laser interferometr LASERTEX


DEOM represents the Polish LASERTEX, which has been developing and manufacturing equipment and accessories based on laser interferometry since 1990. The laser interferometer from LASERTEX is currently becoming one of the most widely used devices of its type.


  • Laser interferometer for a reasonable price
  • Suitable for calibration and ordinary length (angle, flatness) measurements
  • Large number of optional accessories
  • Compact packing for ease of transport

Laser interferometer

  • High accuracy
  • Wireless connection
  • Mobility
  • Position measurements with fast displacements
  • Vibration measurements
  • Low price
Measurement Range Resolution Accuracy
Distance 0-30 (50) m 0,0001 µm 0,41 µ/m air
0,9 µm/m steel
Speeds 0-7 m/s 0,01 µm/s ±0,01 %
Angle measurement 0-360° 0,004 arcsec ±1 arcsec
(diagonal and grid method)
axes 0-15 m
flatness ±3 mm
0,01 µm ±1 % of the value measured
±0,03 M2 µm
(with Wollaston)
0,1-3 m
0,8-10 m
0,01 µm
0,1 µm
±(1 % + 0,5 0,2 M2) µm
(with Wollaston)
±1000 arcsec 0,01µm/m ±(1  % + 2,5 + M) µm/m

*Accuracy depends on environmental conditions.

Laser interferometer

The interferometer is the most accurate measuring device available and is most often used to calibrate measuring equipment and machine tools. Its compact size means you can carry it with you in a handheld case.

Demonstration Center

In our experience, seeing things firsthand plays a critical role in choosing the right equipment, and the best presentation uses the specific applications you need. That is why we have equipped our center with a LASERTEX system and wide variety of accessories.

Please let us know if you would like demo measurement in our facilities or yours.


  • Regular maintenance
  • Repairs

Regular maintenance

LASERTEX devices are essentially maintenance-free, as they do not require any particular care on the part of your staff from the standpoint of regular maintenance (you just need to keep the outside clean).


Our services also include performing warranty and non-warranty repairs on equipment we supply. Due to the delicate electronics in this device, we leave all repairs to the manufacturer. If the equipment needs more than a simple repair, we will be happy to lend you a replacement until it is fixed.



  • Leasing equipment
  • Custom measurement

Leasing equipment

Do you need to measure your products for a limited time only (during a certain project, for instance) or want more time to decide on the right equipment to buy? We offer LASERTEX measuring systems for lease as well.

Custom measurement

Our measuring center in Prague with its leading-edge technology provides custom measurement services. Our center has a LASERTEX laser interferometer with a wide variety of accessories.



  • Initial training
  • Individual training

Initial training

After installing the equipment, we always provide staff training to show how to operate the software and create and assess measuring programs. The software involved is quite simple (you make programs using icons, so you don’t have to know how to code), so a two-day training is usually sufficient.

Individual training

We are also happy to put together an individual training program tailored exactly to your needs. We will set the location and length of the program accordingly. It can last for one or more days and take place either at your offices or at our demonstration center in Prague.



We do more than just sell. We also provide a wide range of related services. For instance, we would be happy to:

  1. assist you in choosing the measuring technology that best meets your production needs;
  2. secure external financing for your purchase and deliver the equipment to your place of business;
  3. install and provide initial staff training on the equipment;
  4. handle potential issues by telephone, email or remote access;
  5. provide individual training;
  6. lease measuring technology or perform custom measurement for you.

Not sure which LASERTEX device to choose? Having trouble establishing a measuring program? Is your equipment acting up? Get in touch with the DEOM team and we’ll sort it out.