3D coordinate measuring machines INNOVALIA


In 2018 DEOM began representing the Spanish INNOVALIA METROLOGY in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. INNOVALIA METROLOGY makes a wide range of coordinate measuring machines that can be combined with a laser scanner. The company has been working in automatization and robotization for more than 30 years. INNOVALIA machines can measure by touch or scanning quickly and effectively.


  • Touch and laser scanner measurement
  • High-precision 3D measurement
  • Scanning without surface treatment
  • Can handle all types of materials (even white, black or reflective surfaces)
  • Suitable for serial and individual measurement as well as for reverse engineering
  • Ideal for the laboratory or production
  • Easy to operate using icons (no need to enter complicated codes)
  • User interface available in Czech
  • Same software for all sensors (controlled from the same interface)


  • Granite construction in all axes
  • Suitable for serial and individual measurement
  • Measurement with high speed and accuracy
  • Option to add laser scanner
  • Automatic trajectory optimization
X Measurement Capacity (mm) 600 – 4000
Y Measurement Capacity (mm) 500 – 2000
Z Measurement Capacity (mm) 600 – 1500
Accuracy (µm)* 1,5 + 2,2L/1000

*L is the length measured in millimeters. Accuracy depends on the choice of sensor and the conditions in the environment.


  • Made up of two INNOVALIA horizontal arms
  • Suitable for measuring large items, especially in the automotive industry
  • Control arms manually or automatically
  • Customizable range
  • Combined touch measurement and laser scanning
X Measurement Capacity (mm) dle požadavku zákazníka
Y Measurement Capacity (mm) dle požadavku zákazníka
Z Measurement Capacity (mm) dle požadavku zákazníka
Accuracy (µm)* 18 + L/40

*L is the length measured in millimeters. Accuracy depends on the choice of sensor and the conditions in the environment.


  • Compact, portable 3D touch and scanning system
  • Scanning with high speed and accuracy
  • Option to automatize the scanning and assessment process
  • Simple controls
X Measurement Capacity (mm) 500
Y Measurement Capacity (mm) 500
Z Measurement Capacity (mm) 500
Accuracy (µm)* 10 + 10L/1000

*L is the length measured in millimeters. Accuracy depends on the choice of sensor and the conditions in the environment.


Innovalia coordinate measuring machines work with PH10M, PH10Q, PHS1 motorized heads. The advantage of these machines is also the possibility to control all types of sensors from one program and their combination within the measuring sequence.


Touch probe

  • TP20 and TP200 probes
  • Intuitive graphical interface for creating your own probes
  • Option to automatically generate contact points

Touch scanning probe

  • SP25M scanning probe
  • Adjustable point density
  • Option to automatically generate touch scanning trajectory

Laser scanning probe

  • Fast, accurate imaging
  • Adjustable point density
  • Scans glossy surfaces

Other accessories

Set of fixtures – to keep parts in place


3D coordinate measuring machines

3D coordinate measuring machines (CMM) are used for checking product dimensions. INNOVALIA measuring devices work based on creating an image of the parts being measured using touch, touch scanning or laser scanning probe, and then comparing the results with the model or nominal data. The device also displays color coding for deviations from nominal values or creates a “deviation color map”.

The combination of a granite body (in all axes) and various imaging sensors (touch, scanner) mean that INNOVALIA devices give you fast results with highly accurate measurements.

Demonstration Center

In our experience, seeing things firsthand plays a critical role in choosing the right equipment, and the best presentation uses the very components you need to measure.

We would be happy to show you the different types of INNOVALIA measurement systems at our demonstration center.

Please let us know if you would like demo measurement in our facilities or yours.


  • Calibration and regular maintenance
  • Replacement parts
  • Repairs

Our technicians provide full service for INNOVALIA products, which means we can take care of any issues that come up quickly and efficiently.

Calibration and regular maintenance

DEOM is the only company in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland to perform technical calibration of all the INNOVALIA coordinate measuring machines we offer, including verifying their accuracy. Our cutting-edge equipment and approach mean that we can complete the entire calibration in the shortest time possible.

We can also issue an accredited calibration certification.

INNOVALIA machines are essentially maintenance-free, as they do not require any particular care on the part of your staff from the standpoint of regular maintenance (you just need to keep the outside clean). All regular maintenance takes place during calibration, when the device is adjusted, cleaned thoroughly and examined by our service technicians.


Our services also include performing warranty and non-warranty repairs on equipment we supply. Diagnostic tools are available online, which allows us to handle certain faults without needing to send a technician out.

Replacement parts

We order replacement parts directly from the manufacturer after consulting with them, which ensures the most efficient and cost-effective repairs for your device. If the equipment needs more than a simple repair, we will be happy to lend you a replacement until it is fixed. INNOVALIA 3D CMM are so well-built that they do not have any consumables that need regular replacement.



  • Custom measurement
  • Fixtures
  • Programming applications

Custom measurement

Our measuring center in Prague with its leading-edge technology provides custom measurement services for individual and serial measurement. Our center has an INNOVALIA SPARK CMM with all types of sensors and maximum measurement range of 1000x700x500 mm.

Programming applications

We will be happy to create automated measurement applications to match your specific requirements. This service will be of particular use to you if you need to start measuring your components simply and as soon as possible after installing your new equipment, or if measurement requires all your energy and you have no time to devote to creating new measuring applications at the same time.


We can make fixtures for our devices to hold parts in place for measurement. These fixtures are extremely helpful for measuring parts that will not stand or lie still on the measuring table, or for measuring large quantities at once (serial measurement).

We design and produce fixtures to the customer’s specifications.

You may also wish to use one of the universal sets made by the manufacturer, INNOVALIA.



  • Initial training
  • Introducing new developments
  • Individual training

Initial training

After installing a new optical measuring machine, we always provide staff training to show how to operate the software and create and assess measuring applications. The software involved is quite simple (you make applications using icons, so you don’t have to know how to code), so a two-day training is usually sufficient.

Individual training

We are also happy to put together an individual training program tailored exactly to your needs. We will set the location and length of the program accordingly. It can last for one or more days and take place either at your office or at our demonstration center in Prague.

Introducing new developments

The software for our touch measuring equipment is regularly updated. After each update we train your staff on how to use new aspects of the software in practice.



We do more than just sell. We also provide a wide range of related services. For instance, we would be happy to:

  1. assist you in choosing the measuring technology that best meets your production needs;
  2. secure external financing for your purchase and deliver the equipment to your place of business;
  3. install, calibrate and provide initial staff training on the equipment;
  4. handle potential issues by telephone, email or remote access;
  5. provide individual training;
  6. create measurement applications, produce fixtures to hold objects in place or perform custom measurement for you.

Not sure which INNOVALIA machine to choose? Having trouble establishing a measurement application? Is your equipment acting up? Get in touch with the DEOM team and we’ll sort it out.