3D measuring arm METRONOR


DEOM represents the Norwegian METRONOR in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. METRONOR manufactures portable touch photogrammetric devices for measuring large objects and has been in the optical measurement industry for nearly 30 years. Metronor’s technical design for this type of measuring equipment is the only one of its type in the world.


  • Version of a 3D measuring arm with greater range and mobility
  • For measuring large objects (up to 30 meters without repositioning the device)
  • Measures hidden points
  • Non-continuous imaging
  • Highly durable and suitable for even the most demanding industries


  • Measuring system with a large measurement range
  • One camera and lightpen
  • Easy to use
  • Fast to set up
  • Reasonably priced
Measurement Capacity 1,5-30 m
3D Measurement accuracy* ± 0,12 mm
Measuring specific dimensions (perpendicularity, flatness, concentricity) ± 0,06 mm

*for any distance of two points in the working space of L dimension (m)


  • Highly versatile measuring system
  • Two cameras and lightpen
  • Each camera can be used independently
  • High accuracy
  • Fast to set up
Measurement Capacity 1,5-15 m
3D Measurement accuracy* ± (0,025 + 0,016 L) mm
Measuring specific dimensions (perpendicularity, flatness, concentricity) ± 0,04 mm

*for any distance of two points in the working space of L dimension (m)

3D measuring arm

METRONOR measuring systems work like conventional measuring arms, except they are not limited by joint mobility. The device is made up of two separate parts (cameras and touch lightpen), which means you can measure points not visible in the camera’s field of vision.

The METRONOR measuring system is designed to make it easier to verify large objects (workpieces) and streamline the whole production process

Demonstration Center

In our experience, seeing things firsthand plays a critical role in choosing the right equipment, and the best presentation uses the specific applications you need.

We would be happy to show you both types of METRONOR measurement systems at your place of work.

Please let us know if you would like demo measurement in our facilities or yours.


  • Verification and regular maintenance
  • Replacement parts
  • Repairs

Verification and regular maintenance

DEOM is the only company in the Czech Republic and Slovakia that can verify the accuracy of all METRONOR measuring systems we offer. Our cutting-edge equipment and approach mean that we can complete the entire process in just one day.

Our equipment is essentially maintenance-free, as it does not require any particular care on the part of your staff from the standpoint of regular maintenance (you just need to keep the outside clean).


Our services also include performing warranty and non-warranty repairs on equipment we supply. Diagnostic tools are available online, which allows us to handle certain faults without needing to send a technician out.

Replacement parts

Given the unique technology of METRONOR measuring systems, we order replacement parts directly from the manufacturer. If the equipment needs more than a simple repair, we will be happy to lend you a replacement until it is fixed. METRONOR devices are so well-built that they do not have any consumables that need regular replacement.



  • Leasing equipment
  • Custom measurement

Leasing equipment

Do you need to measure your products for a limited time only (during a certain project, for instance) or want more time to decide on whether to buy measuring equipment? Our measuring equipment is available for lease as well.

Custom measurement

Our measuring center in Prague with its leading-edge technology provides demo measurement services for individual and serial measurement. We usually do measurement with the METRONOR systems at the customer’s place of work.



  • Initial training
  • Individual training

Initial training

After installing a METRONOR measuring system, we always provide staff training to show how to operate the software and create and assess measuring programs. The software involved is quite simple (you make programs using icons, so you don’t have to know how to code), so a few days of training are usually sufficient.

Individual training

We are also happy to put together an individual training program tailored exactly to your needs. We will set the location and length of the program accordingly. It can last for one or more days and take place either at your offices or at our demonstration center in Prague.



We do more than just sell. We also provide a wide range of related services. For instance, we would be happy to:

  1. assist you in choosing the measuring technology that best meets your production needs;
  2. secure external financing for your purchase and deliver the equipment to your place of business;
  3. install, verify and provide initial staff training on the equipment;
  4. handle potential issues by telephone, email or remote access;
  5. provide individual training;
  6. lease measuring technology or perform demo measurement for you.

Not sure which METRONOR system to choose? Having trouble establishing a measuring program? Is your equipment acting up? Get in touch with the DEOM team and we’ll sort it out.