3D optical measuring equipment OGP


DEOM represents the US-based OGP in sales, maintenance and training for measuring equipment for the Czech Republic and Slovakia. OGP manufactures a wide range of multisensor measurement machines and has been in the optical measurement industry for nearly 80 years. They are the oldest manufacturer of optical measurement systems in the world.


  • High-precision optical 3D and 2D measurement
  • Can handle all types of materials (white, black and glossy surfaces)
  • Suitable for serial and individual measurement
  • Works well in the laboratory or production line
  • Can be expanded to include other sensors (scan touch, touch, laser, rotation)
  • Easy to operate using icons (no need to enter complicated codes)
  • Can extend software to work with a 3D model


  • OGP new generation 3D automatic measuring system
  • Automatically detects a placed part
  • Instant measurement and evaluation
  • Large field of view
  • Option to add sensors
Measurement Capacity X (mm) 450-610
Measurement Capacity Y (mm) 300-550
Measurement Capacity Z (mm) 50-300
Field of view (mm) 100
XY Accuracy (µm) až 1,8 + 4L/1000
Z Accuracy (µm) až 2 + 5L/1000

*L is the measured length in millimeters. Accuracy depends on the choice of sensor and environmental conditions.


  • 3D tabletop automated version of OGP measuring machines
  • Suitable for serial and individual measurement
  • Measurement with high speed and accuracy
  • Option to add sensors
  • Most popular model
Measurement Capacity X (mm) 200-300
Measurement Capacity Y (mm) 150-300
Measurement Capacity Z (mm) 150-250
XY Accuracy (µm) až 1,5 + 5L/1000
Z Accuracy (µm) až 2,5 + 5L/1000
3D accuracy XYZ (µm) až 3 + 5L/1000

*L is the measured length in millimeters. Accuracy depends on the choice of sensor and environmental conditions.


  • OGP 3D portal automated measuring equipment
  • Suitable for measuring large parts or series
  • Measures parts from micrometers up to 2,000 mm
  • Option to add sensors
  • Best cost / measuring capacity ratio
Measurement Capacity (mm) 300-1500
Measurement Capacity (mm) 300-2000
Measurement Capacity (mm) 200-400
XY Accuracy (µm) až 1,5 + 5L/1000
Z Accuracy (µm) až 2 + 5L/1000
3D accuracy XYZ (µm) až 1,8 + 5L/1000

*L is the measured length in millimeters. Accuracy depends on the choice of sensor and environmental conditions.


  • OGP 3D manual optical measuring systems
  • Parallel to the digital profile projector
  • Most suitable for individual measurement
  • Stands out for its affordable price and automated 3D measuring
Measurement Capacity X (mm) 150-300
Measurement Capacity Y (mm) 75-300
Measurement Capacity Z (mm) 125-150
XY Accuracy (µm) až 3,5 + 4L/1000
Z Accuracy (µm) až 7 + 8L/1000

*L is the measured length in millimeters. Accuracy depends on the choice of sensor and environmental conditions.


  • 2D tabletop automated OGP measuring machine
  • Automatically detects a placed part
  • Instant measurement and evaluation
  • Suitable for very fast workshop inspection
  • Place-press-compare
Measurement Capacity X (mm) 60-610
Measurement Capacity Y (mm) 45-450
Measurement Capacity Z (mm) 75-150
Field of view (mm) 100
XY Accuracy (µm) až 5 + 8L/1000

*L is the measured length in millimeters. Accuracy depends on the choice of sensor and environmental conditions.



Scan and touch probe

  • Tray for 2-6 probes
  • Combined optical and scan and touch measurement in the same application
  • Touch and optical control using the same software
  • Multiple probe types:
    • SP25 – scanning probe for continuous scanning of the part
    • TP20/200 – standard touch probe
    • Mikroprobe – small diameter and low trigger force (approx. 0.1 g)

Laser probe

  • Fast imaging of points on Z axis
  • Adjustable point density
  • Laser and optical control using the same software
  • Multiple laser probe types:
    • TTL – laser with a long working distance (60 mm), lower accuracy (6 µm), lens axis
    • DRS – laser with a short working distance (25 mm), high accuracy (1 µm), placed next to the camera
    • Telestar – laser with interferometric measuring, long working distance and high accuracy
    • Rainbow – laser with a short working distance – 10 mm, high accuracy (0.05 µm), also suitable for measuring roughness, placed next to the camera

Rotary indexer

  • Positioning and accurately measuring parts, rotating the coordinate system
  • Measuring geometric deviations and runout
  • Vertical and horizontal axis
  • Clamping on chuck or threaded plate
  • Optional dual rotary axis – two rotary axes in a row
  • Multiple rotary axis types:
    • MSR – axis suitable for positioning parts
    • MTR – axis for measuring runout (4th axis)
    • HPR – axis with high rotation accuracy (4th axis)
    • DUAL – two rotary axes (4th and 5th axis)

Other accessories

Bar code reader – easy to start measurement applications

SPC analysis program – automatic evaluation process

Fixture – for parts that won’t stay in place



Zone 3 (standard)

Advanced control and evaluation software for working with OGP measuring systems. Software with a modern interface and wide range of implemented functions, including working with a 3D CAD model.

Measure-X (basic)

Basic control and evaluation software for working with OGP measuring systems. This software has a wide range of add-on modules to make your work easier.

3D optical measuring equipment

3D optical measuring equipment is used for checking product dimensions. OGP machines work by capturing an image of the part using a camera and then measuring the image. They also display color coding for deviations from nominal values.

The advanced illumination and high-quality camera mean that OGP machines can even handle black and white plastics or shiny surfaces.

Demonstration Center

In our experience, seeing things firsthand plays a critical role in choosing the right equipment, and the best presentation uses the very components you need to measure.

We would be happy to show you the different types of OGP measurement systems, either at our demonstration center or at your place of work.

Please let us know if you would like demo measurement in our facilities or yours.


  • Calibration and regular maintenance
  • Repairs

Our technicians provide full service for OGP products, which means we can take care of any issues that come up quickly and efficiently.

Calibration and regular maintenance

DEOM is the only company in the Czech Republic and Slovakia to perform technical calibration of all the OGP optical measuring machines we offer, including accredited verifying their accuracy. Our cutting-edge equipment and approach mean that we can complete the entire calibration in just one day.

OGP machines are essentially maintenance-free, as they do not require any particular care on the part of your staff from the standpoint of regular maintenance (you just need to keep the outside clean). All regular maintenance takes place during calibration, when the device is adjusted, cleaned thoroughly and examined by our service technicians.


All OGP optical measuring machines come with online or offline diagnostics that help us resolve all problems as soon as possible.



  • Programming applications
  • Fixtures

Programming applications

We will be happy to create automated measurement programs to match your specific requirements. This service will be of particular use to you if you need to start measuring your components simply and as soon as possible after installing your new equipment, or if measurement requires all your energy and you have no time to devote to creating new measuring programs at the same time.

As part of this service we can also create a one-touch measuring process for you, so anyone will be able to do measurements with no special training required.


We can make fixtures for our devices to hold parts in place for measurement. These fixtures are extremely helpful for measuring parts that will not stand or lie still on the measuring table, or for measuring large quantities at once (serial measurement).

We design and produce fixtures to the customer’s specifications.



  • Initial training
  • Introducing new developments
  • Individual training

Initial training

After installing a new optical measuring machine, we always provide staff training to show how to operate the software and create and assess measuring programs. The software involved is quite simple (you make programs using icons, so you don’t have to know how to code), so a two-day training is usually sufficient.

Individual training

We are also happy to put together an individual training program tailored exactly to your needs. We will set the location and length of the program accordingly. It can last for one or more days and take place either at your offices or at our demonstration center in Prague.

Introducing new developments

The software for our optical measuring equipment is regularly updated. After each update we train your staff on how to use new aspects of the software in practice.



We do more than just sell. We also provide a wide range of related services. For instance, we would be happy to:

  1. assist you in choosing the measuring technology that best meets your production needs;
  2. secure external financing for your purchase and deliver the equipment to your place of business;
  3. install, calibrate and provide initial staff training on the equipment;
  4. handle potential issues by telephone, email or remote access;
  5. supply you with replacement parts, after you run the diagnostics program included in your device;
  6. organize individuals trainings;
  7. create measuring programs, produce fixtures to hold objects in place.

Not sure which OGP machine to choose? Having trouble establishing a measurement program? Is your equipment acting up? Get in touch with the DEOM team and we’ll sort it out.